24 hours sales event on Frontier

Frontier is having a pretty big 24 hour sale, ends end of the day July 31. Mostly these are good for mid November to mid December, minus thanksgiving of course and exclude Sunday travel. But $39 each way from Atlanta to Chicago, Miami, $99 to Los Angeles. I haven’t flown Frontier yet, but people out West swear by them as a low cost carrier. I will get to take them next weekend though. Continue reading 24 hours sales event on Frontier

Delta upgrades Skymiles members to private jets….

Delta just announced they are launching a new program for Elite and Medallion Skymiles members, where for between $300-$800 members can upgrade their ticket to using one of Delta’s 66 private corporate jets. They’re starting off small, just in their major East Coast hubs, and it’s essentially a way for Delta to move their jets between airports when they need to, but it’s a pretty cool upgrade and something that we should expect other carriers to follow suit on. The full details can be found here Continue reading Delta upgrades Skymiles members to private jets….

Mondial de la biere

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a big craft beer drinker and I often try and sample some of the regional beers when I travel that may be difficult or impossible to find at home. Last month I went up to Montreal, I had some miles on United that I could put to work to get a free ticket, Montreal is a city I love and hadn’t been to in 6 years and it just so happened that the annual Mondial de la biere festival was in June so I said why not, fly for free, try some new beers, … Continue reading Mondial de la biere

Getting Started

  So this is my first blog, and it’s dedicated to one of my biggest passions, travel! I hope to share my experiences and some of the things that I find with all of you and hopefully you guys will find this site helpful and assists in your own travels, and of course I really hope this becomes more of an interactive page and you guys feel inspired to share your own adventures!   Carter Continue reading Getting Started