Turkish Airlines to start flying between Atlanta and Istanbul

All my ATL people, we’re about to get another international carrier flying directly in to Atlanta. You may have heard already that Qatar Airways is going to begin flying directly next summer from Atlanta to Doha (much to the chagrin of Delta)….well the expansion of Emirates and Qatar into the States has met with the chagrin of American carriers generally, but in addition to Qatar, Turkish Airlines is now expanding into Atlanta. Service starts on May 16, and there will be one flight daily direct to Istanbul and vice versa. If you go to Turkish Airlines’ website they are already accepting reservations for next year and they have some great promotional rates, as low as $699 roundtrip between Atlanta and Istanbul. If you’ve never flown Turkish, they’re consistently rated one of the best airlines in the world, even in coach the juice and lemonade is freshly made, and there’s a chef on board getting the meals together, it’s a great value for the money flying Turkish.

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