$15 Fares

There’s a sale on Frontier through tomorrow, $15 fares for the fall on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. So if you can just book them even one way, it might be worth it. The tickets are $20 but use promo code SAVEBIG to knock it down to $15. From Atlanta there are $15 fares to Austin, Cleveland. Cincinnati. Denver, DC, Indianapolis, Vegas, New York, Orlando, Miami, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Chicago and Philly Continue reading $15 Fares

US Immigration Clearance Planned for UK Airports

It’s been announced that the US and British governments are in the advanced stages of agreeing to station US immigration and customs officers at Heathrow and Manchester airport to handle clearance on their side of the pond, so when you arrive in the States you’re good to go, similar to going through pre clearance currently in Canada or Ireland. The pre clearance should be up and running within two years. Not sure how short those lines will be though…7 million people a year fly from Heathrow to the US. The US government is also looking at pre clearance in Spain, … Continue reading US Immigration Clearance Planned for UK Airports

Southwest is undercutting their own listed fares

Southwest is in the middle of another two day sale and once again if you look up actual dates or look on the fares calendar you can find flights much cheaper than the advertised sales price, so you gotta get on there and search the calendar a little! Right now just from Atlanta you can go to Los Angeles for $74 each way and Chicago $49. Sale ends at midnight tonight. Continue reading Southwest is undercutting their own listed fares

Airlines Expand In-flight Entertainment Options

Gone are the days of having to download hours and hours of movies and tv shows on to your phone or tablet ahead of a long flight so you don’t die of boredom at 30,000 feet, airlines have done a lot to improve their in-flight options. It started really with JetBlue giving every seat Direct TV, this article does an excellent job laying out some of the options (often free) we have on the major airlines. It doesn’t mention United, when I flew them up to Montreal this summer I downloaded their app to my phone, once on board as long as … Continue reading Airlines Expand In-flight Entertainment Options