Airfares To Hit Four Year Lows This Fall

Airfares are typically cheaper in late August and during the fall with kids going back to school and dropping temperatures, but this year with fuel prices dropping, increased competition from low fare carriers, and airlines responding to a Department of Justice investigation into alleged pricing collusion, fares are going to drop to the lowest prices since 2011. The average fare for September to November is 3.6% cheaper currently than last fall and 8.1% cheaper than two years ago. Early December before the holidays is looking good too with fares 12.5% cheaper than the same two weeks last December.

Flights to Europe remain expensive with high demand from American travelers taking advantage of the weak Euro, but flights are getting cheaper this fall. Remember you can usually get good prices to Hawaii and the Caribbean before the holidays and the winter kicks in.

You could argue with fuel down as much as it is, revenue from baggage fees, reservation fees, seating fees, etc etc way up, we could get a bit more of a break, but we’ll take what we can.

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