Brazil…More Recession Tourism

Last month I posted about how Canada’s slowing economy…possible recession, had made Canada the cheapest it’s been in years for American travelers. In another instalment of recession tourism, I’m taking a look at Brazil which in the middle of a full on economic and political crisis. The Brazilian Real hit new lows today against the dollar now trading at over 4 to the Dollar. Just three years ago it was 1.65 to the Dollar and even a year ago was at about 2.25. A year ago Brazil was one of the most expensive destinations for tourists….now not so much.

The damaged Brazilian economy has sharply reduced the number of Brazilians able to travel to the US, and as result seriously hurt demand on flights between the two countries. American, Delta and United have cut back on scheduled flights, are flying smaller planes and with Delta shifting more flights to Orlando from Atlanta so that shorter haul jets can be used. Even with those adjustments, the airlines are bleeding revenue versus a year ago to Brazil and have been pushing sales on flights to Brazil to try and draw in American tourists.

Just a quick look today at airfares, and these are all direct and roundtrip. Miami to Rio $891, NY to Rio $871, LA to Sao Paulo $631, NY to Sao Paulo $626, DC to Sao Paulo $731. Keep in mind you do need a visa ahead of time to go to Brazil and that’s $160 for American travelers.

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