Late Winter and Early Spring Travel Ideas

As we get into the transition period between winter and summer travel patterns and as school breaks wind up by late March, there are a couple of great travel destinations with favorable pricing this time of year. Ski resorts for example, as we get out of the school holiday period and out of the middle of winter, ski resorts tend to fall off the radars of a lot of travelers, and as a result prices tend to come down. But the resorts still have plenty of snow on the ground, in fact some of the largest snowfalls at the resorts are from early spring storms and you get more hours of daylight and overall warmer temperatures to enjoy the slopes. Tokyo and Washington DC…cherry blossoms, which if you’ve never experienced, you have to experience at least once, DC and Tokyo by late March too you’re looking at average at temps around 60. The Caribbean, once you get past the school holidays prices drop significantly, and let’s be honest for a lot of the US it’s still pretty cold in late March and early April, so why not get away to the islands for a long weekend. Finally the Grand Canyon, early spring I can tell you from experience is the best time to go, the temperatures have warmed up from winter but aren’t the excessive heat you’ll get especially at the bottom of the canyon by summer so it’s perfect weather for hiking, it’s not rainy season yet, and the tourist crowds haven’t picked up yet i.e. you can actually park easily and move around the park.

Finally Hawaii, is much cheaper from late March to Memorial Day than the rest of the year, it’s the off season between winter and summer school break.

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