Lonely Planet Top 10 US Destinations

I like Philadelphia, I don’t know that I would put it at the top of my list but interesting. Southern New Mexico is amazing though. I don’t know about being the best place for any given year, but if I had to do a top ten list of places to visit in America in no particular order….

  1. Boston…..I hate the people 🙂 as a born and raised NYer I can say that haha. But seriously it’s one of the oldest and uniquely American cities, just take a walk around the North End and you’ll see
  2. San Francisco…..besides being in a perfect location, again totally unique
  3. Santa Fe or just New Mexico generally….amazing scenery and a blend of hispanic, anglo and native cultures you won’t find anywhere else in the country.
  4. New Orleans….again, can’t compare it to anywhere else in the States
  5. The Low Country, Charleston, Savannah and the Sea Islands
  6. The Oregon Coast….it’s just beautiful. Yea the California coast is great, but Oregon is far less developed and the mountains in a lot of areas come almost right down to the sea, it’s a really rugged beautiful stretch
  7. For lack of a better name, northern Arizona/southern Utah, the national parks out there are mindblowing, Zion and Bryce, and yes it’s very touristy but the Grand Canyon is still amazing
  8. Chicago….a true American metropolis
  9. Coastal Maine, picturesque towns and Portland is a great foodie city
  10. Hawaii…not Honolulu or Maui, but the Big Island and Kauai

what would be your top ten? post it in the forum

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