Down the Central Cali Coast

Traveling down the central coast from the Bay Area as I write this, waking up in Monterey looking out at the Pacific. Monterey Bay Inn, looks totally dumpy from outside, but really awesome large rooms and thank god away from the main drag on Cannery Row. I remain pretty indifferent on Monterey. Cannery Row and Fisherman’s wharf are awful tourist shitholes, unless you love crowds and Bubba Gump’s. The old historic downtown is sort of cool, and they seem to keep opening up new restaurants down there, but not worth planning a trip to go see and the bay here while nice, isn’t as stunning as what’s right down the road. The drunk old man at Alvarado Street Brewery last night showing me naked pictures of his alleged girlfriend and trying smoke weed was an additional drag on my opinion of Monterey.

17 Mile Drive and Pebble Beach, stunning for sure, and the homes are something to see, is it worth $10 for the privilege of driving down their road? Yes at least once, it’s at least well maintained with ample parking and facilities, and there are some beautiful views of the coast, that being said you can also see beautiful views for free as you go further down to big Sur. Carmel is a beautiful town and not to be missed in all it’s weird glory, it’s sort of like a very rich very white Bernie Sanders rally. There’s a lot of art galleries (the most per capita in the country I believe) and a lot of sweaters tied around necks without any sense of irony, but the views on the beach are beautiful and the old Carmel mission has been perfectly restored and has an interesting museum on the mission system in California, and the town still has this sort of wild artists beach colony feel, outside of the Coach stores on Ocean Avenue and the fact probably most artists couldn’t afford to live there, but the town at least pulls the vibe off very well.

Today, San Simeon, I don’t know why but ever since I saw Citizen Kane in HS I’ve wanted to go there, and yes I know the movie was fiction, but it is at least based on Hearst

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