National Park Service 100th Anniversary

It’s the 100th anniversary of our National Park System this year which means lots of special events and if you want to go and stay in say the Grand Canyon…you better plan way ahead. But a show on PBS about the park system got me thinking about which parks that I’ve been to really made an impression. So in no particular order my top 10…so far.

Grand Canyon……yes it’s touristy and a trip to the Grand Canyon sounds cliche, but it really is an awe inspiring view looking out over the canyon, the Colorado River looking like a small trickle of water way below.

Harper’s Ferry……not only is is in a beautiful location, but it’s a fascinating preservation of a Civil War era town

Zion National Park….the name is well deserved, it really is like being in a holy place,which is exactly what the Mormons thought when they got there.

Cumberland Island….this beautiful barrier island off the coast of Georgia, not too many people know about it, and you have to take a ferry over there, but the historic relics and untamed nature of the island make it worth it….and it has wild horses

White Sands….just amazing

Gila Cliff Dwellings….not only is it in the middle of some beautiful mountain forests, but it’s amazing to see these dwellings have held up for centuries of time.

San Juan Historical Park…or more specifically the old forts they preserve and the old Spanish seawall.

Bryce Canyon…’s not really a canyon, nor is it as dramatic as The Grand Canyon but it’s less crowded, has an awesome old lodge run by the park and it is gorgeous

Golden Gate/Presidio/Fort Point….that whole collection of national park properties around the Golden Gate Bridge and the entrance to SF Bay.

Acadia… summer it’s just beautiful and the air is just different and cleaner up there

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