Bonus miles for British Airways members

If you’re a British Airways frequent flier, they’re giving out additional miles on travel to the UK and Europe through July 31, you’ll receive an extra 25,000 miles for first and business class tickets, an extra 15,000 miles for premium and full fare economy tickets and 2,000 extra miles for select economy tickets, and these are in addition to the miles you would normally collect and applies not just to British Airways flights but their partners American and Iberia if using your British Airways member number on the reservation Continue reading Bonus miles for British Airways members

More summer hotel deals

So I’ve collected a bunch of deals this available this summer as you guys start planning out the all important summer vacation, just a collection of hotel offers in the States, Mexico and Caribbean and Central America. The key to finding great summer deals, think about places that get the bulk of their visitors in winter, that’s where you’re going to get your best prices and deals. You aren’t going to get deals on the Cape, or the Hamptons or any of the lodges near the National parks, think Florida, ski resorts, the Caribbean and Mexico. Yes, you can’t go … Continue reading More summer hotel deals

Delta Award Travel Sale

Delta is having a sale…well reduced number of miles you need to redeem..for award travel within the US on they claim 8,000 routes. There isn’t like a neat list of all the destinations where it’s been reduced, so you kind of have to search around on their fare finder calendar using miles instead of $ pricing, but there are some good deals. Travel has to be booked by June 7 for thee reduced rates and the travel period is between August 23 and November 16 with the week of Labor Day blacked out. Continue reading Delta Award Travel Sale

Where are there bargains in Europe this summer?

Despite the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels and the travel warnings, travel to Europe is actually not looking like it will be down this summer, in fact bookings this summer look about the same to slightly higher than last summer. Travelers are attracted by the lowest airfares we’ve seen in years and the weaker currencies, but prices and demand aren’t uniform across the continent. Paris is not down, Paris being Paris has come back strong, in fact average hotel rates this summer are slightly higher than a year ago. Belgium is down. Hotel prices are 40% lower now as … Continue reading Where are there bargains in Europe this summer?

10 Big Airfare Bargains

According to these are the airports that have seen the biggest drop in average airfare since a year ago thanks to lower fuel costs and increased competition from low cost carriers, so now is the time to get booking! Chicago down 41% London down 33% Sydney (flights from the US) down 33% Orlando down 32% Costa Rica down 31% Punta Cana down 31% NY LaGuardia down 31% Atlanta down 28% Los Angeles down 27% Bangkok down 26% Continue reading 10 Big Airfare Bargains