Where are there bargains in Europe this summer?

Despite the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels and the travel warnings, travel to Europe is actually not looking like it will be down this summer, in fact bookings this summer look about the same to slightly higher than last summer. Travelers are attracted by the lowest airfares we’ve seen in years and the weaker currencies, but prices and demand aren’t uniform across the continent.

Paris is not down, Paris being Paris has come back strong, in fact average hotel rates this summer are slightly higher than a year ago.

Belgium is down. Hotel prices are 40% lower now as the tourism industry deals with cancelations and lack of demand. Restaurant prices have come down and tourist sites are far less crowded than they usually would be.

Italy is the only place with pries that match Paris, bargains aren’t to be found in Italy this summer, although prices drop off considerably in October which is frankly a great time of year to visit.

Spain and especially Portugal are the best bargains this summer, only Poland has cheaper hotel rates this summer than Portugal.

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