So, first time in Anchorage, first time in Alaska period. My first thoughts, it’s a beautiful area and state of course, the city itself is a ton of strip malls, and I’ve never seen such an empty downtown in a large city, maybe it’s because everything here is so spread out and to be fair it’s a holiday weekend, so maybe people don’t want to go downtown, but walking around downtown Anchorage is like walking around the set of a zombie apocalypse , but minus any actual zombies.

A lot of stuff is closed too, again maybe because it’s the weekend, and not a whole lot in fine dining options, but of course that’s not why one comes to Alaska, and the fact is you can drive a short 15-20 miles and be in amazing outdoor beauty like this…

I do recommend the Anchorage Museum it’s an excellent intro to the history and cultures of the state and has the full Smithsonian collection on the people of the Arctic and a generous exhibit on the oil industry kindly funded by the oil companies.

I’m excited to get out though, see the Kenai Peninsula, Denali, I wouldn’t advise skipping Anchorage if you come to Alaska, it is by far the largest city here and for that reason alone you should see where so many Alaskans live, but after a day, you’re pretty much done.

Side note….this whole it never gets dark deal is actually slightly unnerving, you’re all screwed up from the time change and wake up at 4 am, and voila it’s light out, it’s hard to convince yourself that no it’s not in fact 8 am out there.

4 thoughts on “Anchorage

  1. I wouldn’t advise skipping Anchorage… for true Alaskan’s it is nothing more than Seattle of the North. The must see cities are Eagle, Central, Circle, Tanana and Manley Hot Springs now there you are talking real Alaskan towns with ‘real’ Alaskans not people who want strip malls, movie theaters and running water.

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