Extended Stay Deals Ritz Dorado

Puerto Rico is always a quick and easy getaway from the Mainland, especially from the East Coast, with frequent flights and no customs or immigration to go through. The Ritz Carlton property in Dorado, which now when I was a kid was a…Marriott I think…anyway, it’s an old Rockefeller property and it was bought out a couple years ago and totally redone as a beautiful luxury resort by the Ritz, it’s a huge property with two private beaches, rooms spread out throughout the estate in two story villas. The old Rockefeller home is available with 5 suites and a full time staff, and there are multiple classes and activities on property. From August 11 to December 19 there are deals with longer stays, up to 40% off for 7 night stays, and 4 night stays where the 4th night is complimentary. Yes Puerto Rico’s economy is in the toilet and there’s Zika everywhere, but check out the view!

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