Weekend in The Burgh

I needed a few days away, so decided to head north for the long holiday weekend to a city that I had never really been to, but keep hearing great things about. My stomach and my liver took a beating, but all in it was a great quick getaway. Pittsburgh, like a lot of Rust Belt cities has probably seen better days and certainly seen worse days, and you can see the effects of the collapse of the steel mills around town, especially outside of the city center, but it’s a major university and research town, so it never fell quite as far as some of the nearby cities.

First off it’s beautifully situated, and there’s no shortage of outdoor activities and it has a burgeoning restaurant scene to go with the traditional drinking culture of the northeast and Midwest that I love. It helps to know someone and pretty much have a guide around town like I did, but there’s no shortage of restaurants and watering holes to get yourself into. There’s a lot of great taprooms around town, shout out to Full Pint and T Funk, and the brewery laws are heck of a lot more favorable than down here, though I will say overall on the quality and variety of beers….ATL has this one.

Pittsburgh has the walkability and the old ethnic enclaves that we lack in newer cities, it’s a fun place to explore for a long weekend, and all things considered pretty cheap to visit and easy to get to, it’s just over an hour flying time from Atlanta.

On the baseball stadium, PNC Park has 1) the most beautiful skyline view in the league and 2) some of the cheapest seats in the league. The walk over on the bridge is a damn good way to arrive at a game too. I’d still have to put Comerica and AT&T Park in front of it though just for the better variety of concessions and overall feel of the experience, but it earns it’s reputation in the league as one of the best stadiums.


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