Mexico City Dia De Los Muertos

You may have heard a lot of talk about how Mexico City is having a moment right now, the NY Times at the start of the year named it the top destination in the world for 2016, well I can tell you it is indeed having a moment and you’d be foolish to let it pass you by. Yes a lot of Mexico has been a mess for the past decade, and Americans pretty much only come here now for the beaches and nothing else, but Mexico City is the NY of Latin America, in fact no, it’s larger than NY, it’s a cosmopolitan megalopolis and it deserves your attention.

The two things that comes to mine when people think about Mexico City is crime and pollution, and yes, 20 years ago this was a polluted city going through a major explosion in crime, but the fact is the local government has cracked down on pollution, what was once one of the most polluted cities in the world has dropped to like 150th in the world now, and yes it’s a big city with more than it’s share of crime but the drug war which grabs all the headlines is largely in other parts of the country and the historical center has installed hundreds of security cameras and there’s a cop at pretty much every intersection, it’s perfectly safe in the city center.

unfortunately, most Americans are still scared off from any part of Mexico that isn’t Cabo or Cancun. I haven’t seen a whole lot of foreign tourists the last few days, and the ones I have seen are probably 50% European or Brazilian…..and yet we’re the neighbors. Well you’re missing out, this city is a fascinating mix of ancient, colonial and modern. Yes there are parts of the city that are extremely run down and ugly but there are other parts on par with Europe and with the ancient Aztec sites to boot. The food culture here is incredible from street food to high dining, whatever you want they have it in Mexico City.

Shout out to Hilaria Gastropub, I had no idea there was so much Mexican craft beer, and delicious food to boot, and Salon Corona for the best cheap tacos and beer for almost 100 years.

Mexico City has amazing museums and heritage and now….thanks to James Bond..a Day of the Dead Parade đŸ™‚

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