Electronics Ban

The US government this morning announced a ban on passengers bringing onboard with them any electronic device larger than a smartphone from the following airports with direct service to the United States, Cairo, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, Doha, Amman, Kuwait, Casablanca, Jeddah and Riyadh to take effect in 96 hours. This would cover cameras, laptops ereaders and tablets…medical devices would be permitted. Electronics have to now be in checked baggage. Continue reading Electronics Ban

Early Bird Sale on Adventures by Disney

Clients can save up to $500 per person on select Adventures by Disney 2017 departures when they book April 20-June 18, 2016 for departures Jan. 1-Dec. 10, 2017 (excluding July 1-31, 2017). So Adventures by Disney if you don’t know basically does family friendly packaged tours pretty much all over the world, Europe, Australia, South African safaris, you name it. Just ask me for more details on where they go, but pretty good savings if you can book that far in advance. Continue reading Early Bird Sale on Adventures by Disney