Holiday Flights

Just a few words of advice while everyone is trying to get their holiday plans booked. With airfare just a few quick rules to get better prices. 1) The cheapest time to get tickets has already passed, but get your thanksgiving tickets by Halloween and your Christmas tickets by thanksgiving, because after that they’ll go up significantly. 2) if you can, fly on off dates, Christmas Eve, Day, New year’s Eve are the cheapest during the holiday season. 3) Don’t expect last minute deals, it doesn’t happen during the holidays. Continue reading Holiday Flights

Europe and Asia via Toronto

Air Canada is trying to get American fliers to travel via Toronto to get to Europe or Asia by introducing multi-city bookings which allow for stays in Toronto for up to a week between onward flights without extra fees. The offer is good on trips booked through October 31. You do get to go through immigration and customs in Toronto rather than in the US…….but having been through US border control at Toronto airport, I’d rather go direct Continue reading Europe and Asia via Toronto

Airlines Expand In-flight Entertainment Options

Gone are the days of having to download hours and hours of movies and tv shows on to your phone or tablet ahead of a long flight so you don’t die of boredom at 30,000 feet, airlines have done a lot to improve their in-flight options. It started really with JetBlue giving every seat Direct TV, this article does an excellent job laying out some of the options (often free) we have on the major airlines. It doesn’t mention United, when I flew them up to Montreal this summer I downloaded their app to my phone, once on board as long as … Continue reading Airlines Expand In-flight Entertainment Options