Delta airlines helping TSA with reducing security waits

The NY Times had a pretty good article this weekend about how Delta is paying to hire people to help TSA with non security screening positions to help keep lines moving and in the case of Atlanta they paid to revamp one of the security checkpoints, which I can tell you having used it Memorial Day Weekend, it’s awesome. There’s five stations at each line for passengers to place their items in the security bins and the bins automatically get returned to each station when done, so there’s no more TSA agents having to get bins for passengers, and the belt … Continue reading Delta airlines helping TSA with reducing security waits

10 Big Airfare Bargains

According to these are the airports that have seen the biggest drop in average airfare since a year ago thanks to lower fuel costs and increased competition from low cost carriers, so now is the time to get booking! Chicago down 41% London down 33% Sydney (flights from the US) down 33% Orlando down 32% Costa Rica down 31% Punta Cana down 31% NY LaGuardia down 31% Atlanta down 28% Los Angeles down 27% Bangkok down 26% Continue reading 10 Big Airfare Bargains

Sweet Auburn & O4W

In honor of MLK Day, CNN had a pretty good article about the history of Martin Luther King’s old neighborhood and what was the center of the Civil Rights movement in the South, Atlanta’s Sweet Auburn Avenue and  the larger Old Fourth Ward neighborhood. Most people know Harlem and know about Harlem’s role as the most vibrant center of Black America in the 20’s and 30’s, but fewer people know about Sweet Auburn. Harlem began a long decline by the 1940’s and by the 1950′ s it was this area of Atlanta that was the wealthiest black neighborhood in America. After segregation … Continue reading Sweet Auburn & O4W