Europe and Asia via Toronto

Air Canada is trying to get American fliers to travel via Toronto to get to Europe or Asia by introducing multi-city bookings which allow for stays in Toronto for up to a week between onward flights without extra fees. The offer is good on trips booked through October 31. You do get to go through immigration and customs in Toronto rather than in the US…….but having been through US border control at Toronto airport, I’d rather go direct Continue reading Europe and Asia via Toronto

Mondial de la biere

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a big craft beer drinker and I often try and sample some of the regional beers when I travel that may be difficult or impossible to find at home. Last month I went up to Montreal, I had some miles on United that I could put to work to get a free ticket, Montreal is a city I love and hadn’t been to in 6 years and it just so happened that the annual Mondial de la biere festival was in June so I said why not, fly for free, try some new beers, … Continue reading Mondial de la biere