Holiday Flights

Just a few words of advice while everyone is trying to get their holiday plans booked. With airfare just a few quick rules to get better prices. 1) The cheapest time to get tickets has already passed, but get your thanksgiving tickets by Halloween and your Christmas tickets by thanksgiving, because after that they’ll go up significantly. 2) if you can, fly on off dates, Christmas Eve, Day, New year’s Eve are the cheapest during the holiday season. 3) Don’t expect last minute deals, it doesn’t happen during the holidays. Continue reading Holiday Flights

10 Big Airfare Bargains

According to these are the airports that have seen the biggest drop in average airfare since a year ago thanks to lower fuel costs and increased competition from low cost carriers, so now is the time to get booking! Chicago down 41% London down 33% Sydney (flights from the US) down 33% Orlando down 32% Costa Rica down 31% Punta Cana down 31% NY LaGuardia down 31% Atlanta down 28% Los Angeles down 27% Bangkok down 26% Continue reading 10 Big Airfare Bargains

The cheapest times to book flights

I always think it’s usually bullshit what people say, like it’s cheaper to buy your tickets on Tuesdays, that kind of nonsense that you see online. Buying tickets usually has just been a crapshoot for me, no it is true….generally, that the closer you get to the time you want to fly OR if you buy way way in advance, the tickets tend to be higher, and for what it’s worth the Airlines Reporting Corporation, who i suppose tracks such things had a study come out which says the magic time to buy for domestic flights is 8 weeks before … Continue reading The cheapest times to book flights