Delta airlines helping TSA with reducing security waits

The NY Times had a pretty good article this weekend about how Delta is paying to hire people to help TSA with non security screening positions to help keep lines moving and in the case of Atlanta they paid to revamp one of the security checkpoints, which I can tell you having used it Memorial Day Weekend, it’s awesome. There’s five stations at each line for passengers to place their items in the security bins and the bins automatically get returned to each station when done, so there’s no more TSA agents having to get bins for passengers, and the belt … Continue reading Delta airlines helping TSA with reducing security waits

Delta Award Travel Sale

Delta is having a sale…well reduced number of miles you need to redeem..for award travel within the US on they claim 8,000 routes. There isn’t like a neat list of all the destinations where it’s been reduced, so you kind of have to search around on their fare finder calendar using miles instead of $ pricing, but there are some good deals. Travel has to be booked by June 7 for thee reduced rates and the travel period is between August 23 and November 16 with the week of Labor Day blacked out. Continue reading Delta Award Travel Sale

Delta upgrades Skymiles members to private jets….

Delta just announced they are launching a new program for Elite and Medallion Skymiles members, where for between $300-$800 members can upgrade their ticket to using one of Delta’s 66 private corporate jets. They’re starting off small, just in their major East Coast hubs, and it’s essentially a way for Delta to move their jets between airports when they need to, but it’s a pretty cool upgrade and something that we should expect other carriers to follow suit on. The full details can be found here Continue reading Delta upgrades Skymiles members to private jets….