Europe Deals

You’ve probably already heard it, but it bears repeating, travel to Europe this summer is the cheapest it’s been in a decade. Airfare alone from the US between now and September is down between 20 and 35% over a year ago. Partially driven be the expansion of low cost carriers and partially driven by a drop in demand. Rental prices in places like Ibiza, Mykonos and Tuscany are 10-20% cheaper than last summer and numerous hotels especially in places like Paris which saw a drop in demand While tourism to places like France and Belgium are down to flat, there’s … Continue reading Europe Deals

Where are there bargains in Europe this summer?

Despite the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels and the travel warnings, travel to Europe is actually not looking like it will be down this summer, in fact bookings this summer look about the same to slightly higher than last summer. Travelers are attracted by the lowest airfares we’ve seen in years and the weaker currencies, but prices and demand aren’t uniform across the continent. Paris is not down, Paris being Paris has come back strong, in fact average hotel rates this summer are slightly higher than a year ago. Belgium is down. Hotel prices are 40% lower now as … Continue reading Where are there bargains in Europe this summer?

Early Bird Sale on Adventures by Disney

Clients can save up to $500 per person on select Adventures by Disney 2017 departures when they book April 20-June 18, 2016 for departures Jan. 1-Dec. 10, 2017 (excluding July 1-31, 2017). So Adventures by Disney if you don’t know basically does family friendly packaged tours pretty much all over the world, Europe, Australia, South African safaris, you name it. Just ask me for more details on where they go, but pretty good savings if you can book that far in advance. Continue reading Early Bird Sale on Adventures by Disney

Europe to consider requiring US travelers to get visas

The European Commission will decide on Tuesday whether to impose visa requirements on US travelers to European Union member states. Most EU nations are part of the visa waiver program, but the EU wants the US to add some of their newer member states like Poland, Romania and Croatia to that list which the US has dragged it’s feet in doing for several years. If the EC did decide to start requiring Americans to get visas to travel to Europe it wouldn’t take effect for six months and the majority of European governments could decide to block the move, but … Continue reading Europe to consider requiring US travelers to get visas

Rail Europe Sales

Rail Europe is offering a number of sales on European rail passes to drum up summer business. All French rail passes are 20% off if purchased by March 31. German rail passes (which include service to a number of surrounding countries like Italy and the Czech Republic) are 20% off is purchased by March 30 and used before May 31. First class seats on Eurostar service from London to Paris and Brussels is 20% off as well when booked before March 29 for travel between now and August 19. Continue reading Rail Europe Sales

Europe and Asia via Toronto

Air Canada is trying to get American fliers to travel via Toronto to get to Europe or Asia by introducing multi-city bookings which allow for stays in Toronto for up to a week between onward flights without extra fees. The offer is good on trips booked through October 31. You do get to go through immigration and customs in Toronto rather than in the US…….but having been through US border control at Toronto airport, I’d rather go direct Continue reading Europe and Asia via Toronto