Fogo Island Thanksgiving Feast

Fogo Island Inn up in Newfoundland, which is a pretty sick, albeit expensive resort is offering up a Canadian Thanksgiving weekend package. Two-time James Beard Award-winning chef and cookbook author Hugh Acheson and internationally acclaimed Top Chef judge and past contender will work in collaboration with the Fogo Island Inn Kitchen Collective to regale guests over a two-night Canadian Thanksgiving culinary getaway beginning on Friday October 6 through to Sunday October 8, 2017. Acheson and the Fogo Island Inn team will showcase time-honored methods through tastings, a workshop, and a chef’s dialogue brunch over the course of this two-night getaway. … Continue reading Fogo Island Thanksgiving Feast

When Should I Buy My Thanksgiving Ticket?

If you’re planning on flying somewhere this Thanksgiving and have procrastinated on booking your flights, you’re probably wondering how soon should I buy my ticket and how badly am I going to get hosed? There’s good and bad news out there. The good since airfares have been falling sharply this fall you can probably wait a bit longer than you could most years, prices for Thanksgiving overall are 5-10% cheaper than last year and have been holding steady the last few weeks. BUT, it’s still expensive with on average tickets running three times what they are on average the rest … Continue reading When Should I Buy My Thanksgiving Ticket?