The Brexit effect on travel

So how does Britain’s decision to leave the EU impact us travelers. In the short-term really it just makes Britain a cheaper destination especially for Americans as the Pound took a beating yesterday, dropping it’s lowest level since 1985. Pretty much the UK just went on a flash summer sale….and if the Pound continues to tumble, perhaps as Scotland starts to ramp up talk of now leaving Britain, it could get even cheaper. Longer-term though flights between the UK and the rest of Europe could jump up dramatically as the UK is removed from Europe’s open skies agreement and immigration … Continue reading The Brexit effect on travel

US Immigration Clearance Planned for UK Airports

It’s been announced that the US and British governments are in the advanced stages of agreeing to station US immigration and customs officers at Heathrow and Manchester airport to handle clearance on their side of the pond, so when you arrive in the States you’re good to go, similar to going through pre clearance currently in Canada or Ireland. The pre clearance should be up and running within two years. Not sure how short those lines will be though…7 million people a year fly from Heathrow to the US. The US government is also looking at pre clearance in Spain, … Continue reading US Immigration Clearance Planned for UK Airports