More summer hotel deals

So I’ve collected a bunch of deals this available this summer as you guys start planning out the all important summer vacation, just a collection of hotel offers in the States, Mexico and Caribbean and Central America. The key to finding great summer deals, think about places that get the bulk of their visitors in winter, that’s where you’re going to get your best prices and deals. You aren’t going to get deals on the Cape, or the Hamptons or any of the lodges near the National parks, think Florida, ski resorts, the Caribbean and Mexico. Yes, you can’t go … Continue reading More summer hotel deals

Late Winter and Early Spring Travel Ideas

As we get into the transition period between winter and summer travel patterns and as school breaks wind up by late March, there are a couple of great travel destinations with favorable pricing this time of year. Ski resorts for example, as we get out of the school holiday period and out of the middle of winter, ski resorts tend to fall off the radars of a lot of travelers, and as a result prices tend to come down. But the resorts still have plenty of snow on the ground, in fact some of the largest snowfalls at the resorts … Continue reading Late Winter and Early Spring Travel Ideas